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Blog » Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

October 12, 2022

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Carpeting creates comfort. It makes a statement. It’s a natural sound barrier. It adds warmth to a space. And it can be quite an investment.

But it can also be a harbinger of dust, carcinogens, and other sickness-inducing particles if not properly cleaned, disinfected, and restored every twelve to eighteen months by professionals. Whether it’s carpeting in your home, office, store, restaurant, or another public place, foot traffic on carpets will inevitably cause wear and tear as well as become host to whatever delights travel on the bottoms of shoes. Routine professional cleanings can keep your rugs looking fresh, but can also prevent or mitigate the growth of illness-causing particles and bacteria.

So why bring in the professionals when you painstakingly vacuum and spot clean every day? Sure, perfectly composed vacuum lines are deeply satisfying, and if you have a powerful vacuum, even better. But there are a number of factors an everyday household vacuum just cannot address. Here are the top benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners every twelve to eighteen months to really get the best return on your investment:

Maintain Carpet’s Appearance - Professional carpet cleaners take great care in restoring the look and feel of carpeting. By removing the dust and dirt particles regular vacuuming can't reach, the thickness and height of the carpet’s pile can be restored from becoming matted and worn.

Remove soiling from poor filtration system - Ductwork can wreak havoc on carpeting. Dust, dead skin, and even germs and fine carcinogenic particles travel through your ductwork, out into the air of your home, and settling onto your floors and carpeting. Vacuuming can only do so much. Professional cleaning gets those fine particles deep inside your carpet. Regular ductwork cleaning can certainly mitigate this problem as well.

Kills Germs - Did you know that norovirus can survive on carpets for 4-6 weeks? There are so many germs and illness-causing bacteria that make themselves right at home in carpeting in homes and public spaces. Salmonella from feces, MRSA from sweat droplets, E. coli, and Campylobacter, just to name a few. Professional cleanings during peak times of airborne illness with antimicrobial solutions will ensure a disinfected carpet surface.

● Improve Indoor Air Quality - carpeting is notorious for holding onto dust and allergens. Regularly vacuuming with a quality vacuum can pull some of the debris out of the carpeting, but over time it accumulates and becomes a health risk, particularly for those who have respiratory issues. Professional cleaners use steam and hot water extraction to remove the particles that household vacuums cannot, creating an indoor air quality safer for everyone.

With twenty years in the professional cleaning business, On the Spot Cleaners are leading the pack as Cleaning & Restoration Industry Instructors. We have the tools, experience, and know-how to restore your carpets and keep your carpeted space clean and healthy for all.