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Blog » Does My Restaurant’s Kitchen Exhaust Hood Need to be Cleaned?

September 2, 2022

Does My Restaurant’s Kitchen Exhaust Hood Need to be Cleaned?

When you’re running a restaurant, you have enough things to worry about–a dirty kitchen exhaust hood shouldn’t be one of them. When it’s time to clean your exhaust hood, leave the worrying to the professionals! Aren’t sure if it’s time for a cleaning? We’ve laid out some signs you need to look out for.

At On The Spot Cleaners, we love working with local businesses and take pride in keeping our community members safe and satisfied. If you’re looking for hood cleaning services for your restaurant in the Rochester or Canandaigua, NY area, get in touch with us today!

Why it’s Important

The National Fire Prevention Agency has strict guidelines for restaurant owners. Not only is this in an effort to prevent fires, but it is also essential to keep your business running without any fees or shutdowns. Per the NFPA 96 fire code, grease hood filters, systems, and ductwork in commercial kitchens must be cleaned regularly. Grease fires are extreme hazards that can cause serious and sometimes irreversible damage to your business while putting your employees and customers at risk.

Signs it’s Time to Get a Hood Cleaning

Loud or Abnormal Noises

With all the hustle and bustle of a restaurant kitchen, your exhaust hood shouldn’t be producing more than some white noise that blends into the background. If you can hear the motor running loudly or some other abnormal noises coming from the hood, this is a sign you should get it checked out.

Heavy Smoke

Another surefire sign that your exhaust hood needs to be cleaned is heavy smoke that doesn’t clear away. This likely means that there is grease clogging the ducts and preventing proper ventilation.

When you choose On The Spot Cleaners, you can rely on us to provide efficient and thorough hood cleanings. We will clean the hood exhaust fan, hood plenum, hood interior, grease trays, grease cups, and grease filters. This will help to keep your kitchen safe and clean and free of fire hazards.

It Fails the Newspaper Test

The newspaper test is a great way to test if your hood is working properly. All you have to do is hold a piece of newspaper over the vent–if the vent suctions up the paper and holds it in place, it is functioning the way it should. If not, it’s time to contact a professional cleaning company to get your hood cleaned!

It’s Been Awhile Since Your Last Cleaning

Have you been putting off a hood cleaning for a while? Chances are, your exhaust hood needs cleaning and will not pass a fire inspection. If this is the case, be sure to give us a call (make click to call (585) 224-6911).

Per the NFPA’s standards, the frequency of your inspections should be based on the extent of your kitchen’s operations. As long as you keep up with regular cleanings, you’ll be sure to pass inspection. Not sure how often you should get a hood cleaning? Contact us for more info!

Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning Schedule

Rely on the Professionals

On The Spot Cleaners has provided professional hood cleaning services to business owners in Upstate New York for over 20 years. We use the latest technology and equipment to clean your commercial kitchen exhaust hood. This includes a system that removes all of the grease and debris from your hood, as well as an industrial-strength degreaser that cuts through the toughest grime.

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services, so you can be sure you are always getting the best! If own a restaurant in or around Rochester or Canandaigua, NY, contact us today to keep your kitchen clean and safe from fire hazards.