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Flooded Basements

When your basement floods it can be a nightmare. But with On The Spot Cleaners, you can rest easy knowing help is at hand. Our skilled professionals have years of experience in dealing with flooded basements and provide expert cleanup services. We use the most advanced equipment and techniques to extract water, dry, restore, and sanitize your space, ensuring it's safe, healthy and habitable again. So, if you're dealing with a flooded basement, don't panic, give us a call and we'll be there to assist you every step of the way.

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Understanding the Impact of Flooded Basements

Flooded basements are a common problem that can cause serious long-term damage if left unaddressed. Water damage can lead to mold growth, weaken your home's structural integrity, and affect the quality of air in your home. But at On The Spot Cleaners, we offer comprehensive solutions to alleviate and prevent such damage from occurring. Our team of professionals has the expertise to quickly and efficiently remove water, dry out affected areas, and sanitize them to prevent any long-term damage.

  • Property damage
  • Mold Growth
  • Health Risk
  • Damaged home foundation

Professional Water Restoration Services

At On The Spot Cleaners, we have over 21 years of experience providing professional water restoration services. On The Spot Cleaners holds over 15 certifications in cleaning and restoration, including two New York State licenses for mold remediation. We have experience not only performing these services ourselves but also as industry instructors for other companies. Our advanced equipment and techniques allow us to quickly remove water, dry affected areas, and sanitize them to prevent long-term damage to your property. Whether you're dealing with a minor water leak or a major flood, you can count on us to provide you with fast, reliable, and professional service every step of the way.

  • Advanced technology
  • Drying affected areas
  • Damage prevention

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