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Blog » Is Dryer Vent Cleaning the same as Duct Cleaning?

October 18, 2022


We took a call from Pittsford, NY asking if Dryer Vent Cleaning is the same as Duct Cleaning

The short answer, No. Here's why, Duct Cleaning is the removal of dust, bacteria, and debris from your ductwork. Your ductwork is what circulates the air from your heating and cooling systems. Dryer Vent Cleaning is the removal of lint that is building up in the exhaust ducting connected to your dryer. These are 2 separate types of ducting and are not connected to each other.

PRO TIP: Clean and Inspect your Dryer's screen and remove the lint between drying cycles. Clean and Inspect behind your dryer, the point where the dryer is connected to the ductwork and the outside vent if possible.
Let us know how many missing socks you find!

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